What We Do

Once your eligibility is established, our tax credit analyst will come to your location to collect all necessary information needed to ensure the successful completion of your company’s claim submission. All reviews are conducted in a timely, cost effective and unobtrusive manner, so that you and your staff’s time is never compromised.

We work as an augmentation to your existing accounting staff to offer a knowledge base in an area that traditional accounting staff simply can’t devote enough time to do properly. As tax credit specialists we do not replace the work of your current accounting staff, but instead use our detailed knowledge of Provincial and Federal refund opportunities to make sure that applications are done accurately and correctly.

Simply put: We get you your money! If there are refunds available to you, CTS is your best chance at recovering them. We know where to look and what to look for, leaving no stone unturned. To find out if your business is eligible for tax credits or refunds, contact us now for a no-obligation tax credit analysis.