Corporate Tax Credits

There are a number of different corporate tax credits available for businesses based on certain criteria within their specific sector and industry, as well as for specific practice within each business. CTS & associates uses its expertise to identify all the tax credit opportunities available to your company, and ensure that you are able to get the maximum refund possible.

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Fuel Refunds

Companies that operate vehicles or machinery that use fuel for their business are eligible for certain credits and fuel refunds. We will determine which of these your company is eligible for, take care of all the paper work, and ensure that you get the maximum amount of money that your company is owed. Trucking, Landscaping, Construction and Aviation are but a few of the sectors where we have generated significant refunds for our clients.

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Sales Tax (HST, GST, PST, QST)

Sales taxes are any federal or provincial taxes that are applied to a cost of a a good or service at the time of it’s purchase. Companies that are registrants for HST, GST, PST or QST are able to claim the sales taxes paid by their business as Input Tax Credits (ITCs), but there are also opportunities that are less straightforward or that are “hidden” within the legislation. At CTS, we use our expertise to make sure that you are able to claim the most money possible for your ITCs. During our review process, we are very successful in finding exemption opportunities that have previously been missed, and additional tax recoveries that are available to you and your company.

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Duty refers to the taxes paid on products that are imported into Canada. There are a number of different duty refund programs available. Our analysts have an extensive knowledge base and understanding of these programs specifically with regards to drawbacks, refunds, remissions and NAFTA, and will help to determine the best refund opportunities that are available to your industry and your specific business.

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Workplace Safety & Insurance

Workplace Safety & Insurance (WSIB) refers to the premiums collected from businesses to insure against injuries in the workplace. We put our vast experience in this area specifically with regards to claims, rates, NEER, CAD and SIEF, to work for you by maximizing your claims and helping to reduce the cost of your premiums.

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Employer Health Tax (EHT)

EHT refers to the tax/premiums paid by employers to finance health costs. One out of ten employers end up overpaying in this are, due to a lack of comprehensive understanding of the associated legislation. We can help you to ensure that you minimize your premiums while also working with you to recover past overpayments.

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Government Grant Programs

There are numerous government funding opportunities (government grant programs) for businesses in many industry sectors. CTS will assist you in finding the programs most suited to your needs, while also taking care of the elements needed for the application process.

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