Will filing for an EI Refund negatively affect our standing with the CRA?

No, if you are paying EI in error, the only way to recoup the premiums and save future monies is by filing for the refund. You are not doing anything to jeopardize your position with the CRA by filing for EI refunds.

If our company applies for EI refunds, will that mean employees involved will not be able to claim benefits if they are fired or laid off?

This credit only pertains to employees who are family members and who would not be able to claim EI benefits in the first place. Any other employees would remain unaffected.

Is the process difficult and/or time consuming?

Absolutely not!  We provide support at every step of the way.  If  you’re in Southern Ontario including the GTA, and parts of Northern Ontario, we come to you and complete the paperwork in person.  If you’re out of province, we can easily complete the process via fax or email.

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